Understanding Rosacea

Understanding Rosacea


What is rosacea, and what can you do to try and treat it?

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Rosacea is an inflammatory condition that affects the middle section of the face. It can thicken the skin and it can cause redness, flushing, burning, tingling and more. A lot of this is a result of broken capillaries and enlarged pores. If you want to understand rosacea more, or if you suspect that you have this condition, then all you have to do is look below.

What Causes Rosacea?

Experts have been debating the root cause of rosacea for quite some time. They have come to the conclusion that it is 50% genetics and 50% environmental. What we do know is that it tends to affect those who have fair skin, and it can appear at a very young age.

What are the Main Symptoms of Rosacea?

Persistent redness is one of the top symptoms of rosacea. It normally appears across the cheek area, but it can also appear above the lips or around the eyes. It is an oil condition, and a lot of people don’t even realise that they have it. They put it down to other conditions, such as sensitive skin. Most also suffered from acne during their teenage years. The main reason for this is because rosacea is usually activated by oil, and it can cause a lot of inflammation. With rosacea, you will see a lot of vascularity. You may notice persistent redness, tingling and then flushing.  If it is not treated, it is possible for you to experience other symptoms as the condition worsens. This is why experts tend to categorise rosacea based on stages, with stage one being the mildest and stage four being the most severe.

What Can Trigger Rosacea?

Some drinks have been linked to rosacea breakouts in the past. Beverages such as beer, gin, vodka, and wine can contribute to the condition. Spicy foods have also been linked. Studies have found that the symptoms of rosacea can worsen in up to 75% of adults if they eat or drink anything listed above. Exercise, although great for the body, can easily increase the likelihood of a flare-up. Cardio is one of the most aggravating factors, due to the cardiac activity pushing blood around the body at such a rate. One more trigger would be the sun. If possible, you need to try and workout when the sun is off-peak as this will help you to stay as hydrated as possible and it will also help you to avoid sun damage. Cold weather, such as bitter winds can also cause your symptoms to worsen, so try and avoid irritating your blood vessels by staying inside during this time.

How is Rosacea Treated?

The good news is that rosacea is very treatable. Some of the top treatments contain a 3-in-1 approach, so you can combat all of the symptoms simultaneously. If you want to find out which products are the best or if you want to make sure that you choose one that suits your condition the most, then take a look below.

So, as you can see, there are many products that can be used to treat rosacea, and most people experience a huge level of improvement after just one treatment. Why not contact us today at (+353 1 883 0111)? We’d be happy to advise you on whatever you need.